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Prepare for a


Here are some tips for our attendees before the event and when you arrive:

  1. Review the maps and familiarize yourself with the layout of the Agana Shopping Center. You can view the Agana Shopping Center map on their website at

  2. Life Teen Expo will not allow bags or backpacks into the event. If you bring a bag and choose to leave it unattended outside the Agana Shopping Center, we will not be held responsible for the bag or contents. Flasks may randomly be inspected and confiscated. Life Teen Expo is a Zero Tolerance event. No drugs, alcohol, smoking, vaping or violence will be permitted. 

  3. PARENTS: We recommend attending the event with your teenagers. All are welcome! We even have a Parent Lounge in the Bank of Guam® location on the 1st floor for fun learning with your teens. 

  4. If you attend as a group, think ahead about what your game plan will be in the event of an emergency: What will you do? How will you communicate? Where will you go or meet if in the event you are separated?

  5. When you arrive at ASC,  keep an eye out for the emergency exit closest to you,  just like at school or an airplane. You will notice the red lit EXIT signs near hallways or doors. 

  6. Take note of where event staff or security/police officers are posted. We also have Zone Leaders and support teams roaming the halls wearing LIFE TEEN STAFF TEES if you need assistance. 

  7. Keep your group together and help each other out. We recommend practicing the buddy system while you enjoy the expo together.

  8. Keep an eye out for a potential "safe room", a closet or other windowless room with a door that locks — where you can hide if necessary.

  9. If you see someone acting strangely or in a way that makes you uncomfortable, immediately notify event staff, security/police officers or the nearest adult. 


    If there's an emergency:

  1. Take cover and listen for any announcements from event staff or main stage.

  2. See if you can identify the location of the threat(s) based on crowd reactions and get out of the way of immediate harm.

  3. Put your game plan into action. If you need to exit the venue, calmly and quickly make your way toward the nearest exit.

  4. If there's an armed attack and you can't escape quickly, head to a safe room, lock the door, turn out the lights, and stay silent. Emergency personnel will have been activated to respond.

  5. If you get caught up in a stampede, move away from the center and grab onto
    a wall or pillar for safety.


  6. Stay away from glass that could shatter and cause injuries.

  7. But if other exits are blocked, be prepared to break a window or escape by alternative means.

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